Long Leg Jiffy Joist Hanger

Long Leg Jiffy Joist HangerLong Leg Jiffy Joist Hanger
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Long Leg Jiffy Joist Hanger
Speed Pro Jiffy Galvanised Joist Hangers provide a quick and simple method of connecting timber to timber. They are used to support floor joists and trimmers of varying depths and the legs are fully adjustable for joists from 125mm to 225mm deep.

Key Features
  • Superior design requires fewer nails making installation quicker
  • Greater load carrying capacities to other leading brands
  • The wider leg allows more surface area on the supporting timber and increased nail spacing
  • Designed to allow easy fixing of plaster board

Back flange of the hanger should be set against the wall when built, this process is then continued until completed height of wall is reached. Joist should be placed tight into the hangers leaving no more than a 6mm gap. Use all specified fasteners making sure not to stack heavy loads on joist during construction. If fixing the joist hangers to steel beams, shot-fired pins can be used and this should only be carried out by qualified person.
Size (MM)
Long Leg Jiffy Joist Hanger 50MM Galvanised
Long Leg Jiffy Joist Hanger 75MM Galvanised
Long Leg Jiffy Joist Hanger 100MM Galvanised