Adhesive Drywall Joint Fibre Tape

Adhesive Drywall Joint Fibre TapeAdhesive Drywall Joint Fibre Tape
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Adhesive Drywall Joint Fibre Tape
The Speed Pro Self Adhesive Scrim Tape comes in rolls of 90 metres and is 50mm thick. The scrim tape is made from fibre glass in a mesh format which makes it very high in tensile strength, it also has good flexibility for ease of use. It is used to cover joints in plasterboards before plastering commences, the scrim tape will give a flush finish to the drywall system leaving no gaps for a smooth surface. It can also be used where there are cracks or holes in the walls and ceiling. The Speed Pro scrim tape is self-adhesive so no need for glue to be used making the job quick, easy and cost effective.

Key Features
  • Self-adhesive tape goes on fast and easy
  • No tearing, shrinking, stretching or bubbling
  • Joints, cracks and holes are hidden permanently
  • Strong fibre glass mesh grips joint compound for easier, faster coating
  • Value for money
  • Eliminates cracks
  • Mould resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives flush finish
  • Can be plastered over
  • Highly durable

Smooth and clean plasterboard of dust, grease and ragged edges. Apply Speed Pro self-adhesive Scrim directly to plasterboard. Use no compound, work from top down. Reposition scrim if needed, at corners, fold Speed Pro scrim adhesive sides out into ''V''. Fit into corner applying first one side then the other for a distance of 12''. Repeat over length of corner. Using a knife, cover the scrim with jointing compound. Sand when dry then apply the finishing coat.

Repair cracks forever
Smooth and clean cracked area of dust, grease and ragged edges. Apply Speed Pro self-adhesive Scrim along length of crack. Apply thin coat of compound over Speed Pro tape then let it dry and sand lightly. Apply finish coat and work outwards from crack until smooth.

Patch holes permanently
Apply Speed Pro adhesive Scrim tape over hole. Speed Pro Scrim tape must be at least 0.5'' wider than maximum width of hole. Apply ample amount of compound above hole. Work compound downward, covering entire area. When dry, sand lightly and then apply thin finishing coat of compound.
Size MM x MM
Adhesive Drywall Joint Fibre Tape 50MM X 90MTR
Adhesive Drywall Joint Fibre Tape 100MM X 90MTR