Multistarter Wallstarter

Multistarter WallstarterMultistarter Wallstarter
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Multistarter Wallstarter
The Speed Pro Stainless Steel Wall Starter System joins new walls to existing masonry and is suitable for both internal and external brick or block walls. The connectors can be slotted together up to a maximum of 8 metres or 3 storeys high, from 60 to 250mm thick. Each pack contains the fixings necessary for a single leaf wall up to 2.4m. The pack includes plugs, coach screws, washers and wall connector ties.

Key Features
  • The Speed Pro is engineered for outstanding strength and performance.
  • Adjustable ties
  • The design shear strength may be taken as 6.0kN per 1.2m strip
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tested by CERAM Building Technology

When installing wall starter make use of all fasteners that are provided. Fasteners should be spaced evenly and installed in to bricks or blocks and not into mortar joints. Wall ties should be inserted at maximum 300mm centres and bending the ties in to mortar. Ensure the existing wall is in good condition, checking for flat surface. Start by marking the fixing holes and place the wall starter system ensuring the bottom tie is pulled down to sit horizontal. Drill three holes, place the wall plugs and attach the wall starter kit using the provided screws and washers. Check for level before fastening and bed the ties into mortar as the wall is being built. Repeat the same procedure for additional lengths.
Size (MM)
Multistarter Wallstarter N/A Stainless Steel