Brick Reinforcement

Brick ReinforcementBrick Reinforcement
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Brick Reinforcement
Expanding Metal Lathing is widely used in rendering and backing to prevent cracks where different material meet. Expanded Metal Lathing will provide that extra strength to a masonry system; it is also used to reinforce cracks and other refurbishment work in ceiling, walls and partition walls. The metal is engineered from high grade galvanised stainless steel suitable for internal and external applications.

Key Features
  • Reinforcing brick and block work
  • Manufactured from a single sheet
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio than sheet metal

If installing the Expanded Metal Lathing to timber work for horizontal application the sheet should run across the frame work. It is recommended to use galvanised nails or staples to attach the Expanded Metal. Start at the center and work towards mid line of the sheet and towards the edge of the sheet. Nails and staples should be applied at an angle to give a better hold. For installation on to steel channels the Metal Lathing should be fixed using soft galvanised steel tying wires.
Size MM x MM
Brick Reinforcement Galvanised 63MM X 20M
Brick Reinforcement Galvanised 100MM X 20M
Brick Reinforcement Galvanised 175MM X 20M
Brick Reinforcement Galvanised 225MM X 20M
Brick Reinforcement Galvanised 305MM X 20M